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Come see us at the Truckee Home Show!

Every year since 2001, we have been an exhibitor at the Truckee Home Show on Memorial Day weekend. You can find us located just inside the hallway as you're walking towards the large exhibitor room.

This is a great chance to ask us about products and services that we provide, and current industry trends. Of course, you can sign up for a free estimate which we can schedule on the spot.

Over the years, the show has focused on green building products and services. As these products become standard business, I'm guessing that we'll begin seeing a whole range of different uses for these products, as well as good deals.

Paint is a perfect example. Only a few years ago we were promoting low/zero VOC paints and stains. Now, these products are pretty much standard in California, as the industry has begun adopting regulations. California has some of the most stringent VOC standards in the country, and some counties within California have even stricter laws. In fact VOCs in colorant are now becoming regulated as well. In the past, you might have gotten a low VOC paint can, but the store still had to add colorant that was high in VOCs. Sort of misleading, right?

So perhaps we'll see a move towards focusing on new fun and exciting uses of such technologies at the show over the next few years.

The show is located at the Truckee High School, at the bottom of Northwoods Dr. in Truckee. Despite the name, there are exhibitors from all over including Incline Village and North Lake Tahoe.

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