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In choosing an exterior stain for your home in North Lake Tahoe/ Truckee, there are four main factors to look at:
Must preserve the wood and protect it from cracking/ aging
Prevent UV damage and retain stain color and finish
Stop water absorption
Keep the wood’s natural, transparent texture and beauty.
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Unfortunately most stains are NOT good at preserving the wood- most transparent stains are designed for beauty, not for longevity.

That is why we only use EPA registered wood preservative stains. These stains are designed to give you the same popular look of the transparent stains common in Truckee and North Lake Tahoe, but use much higher quality pigments (colors) and resins.

First, our stains use Trans oxide pigments (commonly use in automotive finishes to give decades of color retention and protection). These pigments are more expensive, but the preparation process results in smaller particle sizes, which allow for much better transparency and UV absorption. This means that our stains will achieve a more uniform color AND reduce the amount of UV damage- the most naturally destructive factor for exterior wood.

Our stain products also contain powerful mold/ mildew growth inhibitors which is another reason why we choose EPA registered wood preservatives.

The other primary factor in preserving exterior wood is the type of resin used in the stain. Our stains use over 60% solids by weight AND 60% solids by volume. The result? Since solids don't evaporate, this means that more of our stain stays on the surface of the wood. Some applicators may claim that multiple heavy coats of a less expensive stain will create the same durability, but this can cause the surface to over-darken, over-penetrate, and cause a host of problems such as drips (raisins) sags, and unevenness. Moreover, most stains are not designed for multiple coats since they are intended to penetrate. If too much stain stays on the surface, the product can oxidize, and in the future will have to be chemically stripped.

By using a more efficient product, we are able to reduce the overall environmental impact more than any other single factor. Fewer gallons, means fewer resources AND fewer VOCs. Although our stain products are more expensive, we are able offer 3 year warranties on all of our stain projects. Ask our competition if they can offer the same warranty with a different product, and for specific info on which products we use that meet the above criteria, call or email us at .
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