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exterior paint

Although most homes have recurring paint problems, many of your homes’ exterior painted surfaces will last for decades.  So our goal is to create durable surfaces on the very worst areas of your home so that you can get the very most out of your beautiful new paint job
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Most common problems occur from:

Moisture Abrasion Mold/ Mildew
Improper Construction Rotten/ cracked/ warped wood    

As a licensed building contractor we can fix the root of the peeling problem if it involves replacing wood- e.g. T111 paneling, trim, fascia boards, flashing etc.- whatever it takes to restore your homes exterior finish.  Many homes in Lake Tahoe have various issues with ice damns, resulting in abrasion and subsequent peeling that we can easily solve with specialty coatings or even heat cable installation.   On areas with high UV exposure we often come across premature fading and paint failure do previous, improper paint choice which can be easily solved with exterior reflective paints/ colors and other specialty coatings.  And the most common paint problem comes from water intrusion from behind trim boards, resulting in cracked/ failing paint.  We include caulking these boards as standard procedure in all of our bids.  If the wood is too damaged to repair with elastomeric/ urethane sealants, we can affordably replace it.   Contact us for more information about construction repairs prior to painting.

Interior Painting

Interior paint quality is largely determined by coverage, durability, odor, and easy-of-touch-up.   Contact us for a list of paints that meet these standards, and look at our gallery for examples of colors and idea. 

Nearly all of the interior paints we use are zero VOC or  low VOC in both top coats and primers so that interior rooms can be immediately occupied without odor or VOC concerns.  Contact us today for a list of our most popular interior paint colors and products.

Our Guarantee
All of our paint jobs are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years, and all stain projects are guaranteed for up to 3 years from the date of completion.
Need ideas for your upcoming project? Take a look at our various gallery pages to spark your imagination.