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Exterior Painting

Preparing the surface adds longevity to your paint job. Not only do we aim to remove all failing paint, but we can also re-build the surface of the wood with elastomeric sealants to give the surface the appearance of new wood. Most paneling can be rejuvenated with modern sealants, and if not, we are a licensed building contractor and can easily replace paneling during the preparation phase.

In order to get a beautiful, long lasting finish, the next step is the use and proper application of the best primer for the substrate. When we prime, we use multiple coats of a specially formulated primer that helps bond the finish coat to the surface. This is important because it helps achieve a smoother, more professional finish. Primer also blocks stains and odors, and allows the finish coat to be applied more evenly and efficiently. If the surface isn't primed properly, the topcoat can be difficult to touch-up, and may not even achieve the true paint color that you intended. Feel free to ask us to show you a demonstration of our coatings before we start.

Using 2 coats of high quality topcoat will ensure a proper, even coating. Because of the high altitude and snowfall in Lake Tahoe, having a UV reflective coating is especially critical. We recommend using a low-sheen top coat if possible because it will last longer, and has better color retention than a flat paint. Ask us which manufacturers' topcoats we recommend, and we can show you results in our gallery.
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Exterior FAQ
Find answers to many common question on the preservation of the exterior of your home.
 Exterior FAQ
wood restoration
Nearly 50% of our projects in the Tahoe area involve staining, and we take pride in being the local wood restoration specialist.
 Wood Restoration
Green Products
Part of our commitment is to use paints and stains that are not only durable, but also reduce the impact on the environment.
 Green Products