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Elastomeric coatings

There are many uses of elastomeric coatings- as sealants, fillers, floor coverings, paints, roofs etc.

The main benefit of an elastomeric coating is it's ability to stretch and fill in gaps. Since these coatings are thicker, they can bridge gaps that other paints cannot. And because they have a rubbery quality, they allow for some degree of movement between the two surfaces.

So as long as you can develop a strong adhesion, these coatings create a resilient barrier to water and UV damage. Of course this is why roofers often put this coating onto flat roofs.

The downside.

When good adhesion cannot be developed with the surface, or water is able to get behind the surface, this is when problems develop. And of course the thicker the product, the thicker the peeling. Once elastomers begin to peel, the coatings tend to come off in sheets, or in ways that make failure obvious.

For these reasons, they are great for surfaces that need a true moisture barrier, such as a concrete wall, stucco, or siding/ paneling. If no water can get behind these surfaces, then elastomers can last longer than just about any coating. With an elastomer all it takes is ONE place for water to get in for the whole area to fail. So use a proper primer, and seal it up.

For surfaces that cannot be sealed (railings!), one should never use an elastomeric product, and instead go for an easy-maintenance paint or stain.

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