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Deck Stain Choices

Is there such a thing as a 5-10 year deck stain?

There ARE very thick sealers/ coatings that claim to last for 5-10 years on decks. They typically do this by creating a thick coating or glossy barrier.

However as the gloss wears off in some sections, you begin to notice the wear more dramatically. Some areas that are protected (under eaves, near the siding) will never de-gloss. Areas with high UV rays (exposed deck) will lose gloss in a matter of months. Once the gloss wears away, so does the colorant within. So a deck that has a high-build coating is more susceptible to uneven wear.

Re-coating such a deck becomes a chore. You either have to use the same product again, or strip off the old glossy layer, which is an expensive task.

Consider the alternative: A thinner, penetrating sealer. The downside of course, is that it wears away in 1-2 years. The upside? As it wears it looks natural, and when it comes time to re-stain just a simple deck brightening and re-stain.

In other words: decks are maintenance projects, so the goal is to minimize the cost of continued maintenance. Spending extra time on the 'super coating', may give you one extra year of life, but cost more in the long run. Plus you may prefer the look of a thinner, wood preservative.

Of course not all stains are created equal. Be sure to find ones that EPA wood preservatives, not just linseed oil stains.

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