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Deck Railings

Railings are prone to much more water damage than siding. Unlike siding which can be fully sealed from moisture, railings have many places that water can seep into the wood. Once the wood gets damp, any coating will quickly begin to fail.

If your railings have already been painted, then you might consider caulking all the cracks and joints where water can enter. This may sound time-consuming, and it is. But it generally solves the problem. Be sure to use a high-quality sealant, such as a urethane modified acrylic caulk. Do not use painters caulk, as this isn't flexible enough for railings.

The only time that this does not work is when the bottom of the railings cannot be sealed- maybe they are set into dirt (very common with fences), or the wood is so heavily cracked that paint cannot adhere or fill in the the damaged wood effectively.

A great example- vertical deck supports. Snow melts off decks, and runs down the sides of deck supports. Water always finds a way into these boards because they are nearly impossible to seal. The answer?

Solid color acrylic stain.

When it is impractical or impossible to seal boards (such as railings, and under-deck suppports) solid color stain offers the protection of paint, but allows a permeable barrier for water to enter and exit: the best of both worlds.

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